Shelly Freyn
Ph.D., DBA
Assistant Professor
CAE 307

Dr. Shelly Freyn brings 20 years of industry experience working for Fortune 50 companies along with some private organizations. Her career began in research and development, but later branched into management, market research and technical sales. She has a track record of many new products with some of the top brands in the marketplace and holds a patent that sparked a new market category in the food industry.

Freyn also holds a doctorate in business from Anderson University with a focus in strategic marketing and management. Her research has entailed working with the largest global competitive intelligence association. In addition, she has taken doctoral classes in marketing from Cleveland State University, where she conducted research at CSU’s strategic business unit, working on projects ranging from alternative energy sources for fuel cells to competitive analysis of the automotive parts industry.

Freyn is a member of various groups, among them are the scientific committee for the Institute for Competitive Intelligence, the board of directors for Southern Tier Environments for Living, and the governing board for Athena Power Link.

She is an assistant professor of business working for the Ridge College of Intelligence Studies and Applied Sciences at Mercyhurst University. She teaches competitive intelligence, marketing research and various other marketing courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. She is adviser of the student CI club and also program director of the Business & Competitive Intelligence major, an interdisciplinary major with course requirements from both the Intelligence Studies and Business departments.


  • D.B.A., Anderson University
    • Dissertation: Understanding the Competitive Intelligence Process of the firm and factors that impact its effectiveness.
  • M.B.A., Saint Bonaventure University
  • B.S., Cornell University
  • Doctoral credit hours, Cleveland State University
  • Post baccalaureate certificate, Mercyhurst University

Courses Taught

  • INTL 679 Applied Intelligence Thesis Seminar (Online)
  • INTL 548/RIAP 448 Market Research & Primary Intelligence
  • INTL650/RIAP 365 Advanced Competitive Intelligence
  • INTL 540 Competitive Intelligence
  • MKTG 357 Marketing Research
  • MKTG 347 Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Communications
  • MKTG 317 Sales Management
  • FSAT 300 Research and Strategic Intelligence in International Business
    • Ireland and Australia abroad courses
  • RIAP 240 Intelligence in Business
  • MKGT 200 International Marketing
  • MGMT 120 Principles of Management
  • IDST 110 Ethics and Images in the Global Market Place

Research Interests

  • The synergistic effect of integrating traditional business models with national security and law enforcement intelligence models and its impact on strategy development.

Conferences and Seminar Presentations

  • Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals Global Conference, Atlanta, GA, May 11-14, 2015. Understanding the CI Function and the Growing Demand for Analytics.
  • International Association for Intelligence Education, An Interdisciplinary Approach to Business and Intelligence, Erie, PA, July 14-16, 2014.
  • International Competitive Intelligence Conference/European Competitive Intelligence Symposium, Teaching Applied Interdisciplinary Methods in CI, Bad Nauheim, Germany, April 9-10, 2014.
  • Global Intelligence Forum, Preparing Intel Analysts for the 21st Century, Dungarvan, County Waterford, Ireland, July 7-10, 2013 (speaker and panelist).
  • American Marketing Association Market Research Conference, From Information to Strategy: The Competitive Advantage of Transforming Data into Intelligence, Cleveland, OH, April 17, 2012.
  • Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals Conference, Philadelphia, PA, May 15-17, 2012: Increasing Objectivity in Indicator & Warning Analysis- A New Methodology and Link Analysis: Visual Projection of Common Methodologies

Selected Publications and Projects

  • Daley, MK, Freyn, S. & McCall, H. (2014, July/September). Data analytics in the marketplace: What are organizations looking for? Competitive Intelligence Magazine, 17(3), 14-19.
  • Freyn, S. & Richey, M. (2014, April/June). Innovating CI: Borrowing analytic techniques from other disciplines. Competitive Intelligence Magazine, 17(2), 11-18.
  • Freyn, S. & Paul, N. (2012, December). Using structured methods to improve indicator and warning analysis. Competitive Intelligence Magazine, 15(4), 22-28.
  • Freyn, Shelly and Sreedhar Madhavaram (2007), “Functional Food Products: Issues and Implications for Society and Firms," American Marketing Association 2008 Winter Educators Conference Proceedings, Austin, TX: American Marketing Association. 
  • Granot, Elad, Shelly Freyn, Thomas G. Brashear-Alejandro and Moty Avisar (2007), “Animated At-Retail Marketing Displays: Technological Advances, a Conceptual Model, and Research Propositions,” Society for Marketing Advances 2007 Special Topics in Retailing Seminar, San Antonio, TX: American Collegiate Retailing Association.

Student Research

  • Faculty advisor for CIRAT on numerous student team projects for Fortune 100 companies and private organizations. These include, but are not limited to: General Electric, Southern California Edison, Siemen’s Industry, Parker-Hannifin, Mine Safety Appliance, Plastek.
  • Primary and secondary reader for Intelligence Studies masters’ theses: over 15 studies with a focus on Business and Intelligence.
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