Sarah Bennett
Chair, Biology, Senior Lecturer
Zurn 215

Bachelor’s Institution and Degree: B.S. Zoology, Michigan State University

Master’s Institution and Degree: M.S. Zoology, Michigan State University

List of Courses Taught in past 5 years:

  • BIO 146/147: Ecology and Evolution of Organisms
  • BIO 120/121: Human Biology
  • BIO 296: Biology of Development and Aging
  • BIO 320/321: Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
  • BIO 466/474: Biology Senior Capstone
  • SCI 100/101: Environmental Problem Solving
  • BIO 298: Mammalogy
  • BIO 246/247: Embryology

Brief Research Description:

All of my research interests are related to the effects that humans have on the natural environment. It is my view that it is necessary for humans to live sustainably in order to protect the health of natural systems. The projects I am currently working on include: determining the level of tick infestation of small mammals at Presque Isle State Park, comparing small mammal diversity in locations dominated by invasive plant species to those dominated by native plants, determining whether more clearly marked recycling receptacles improve recycling behavior, and determining whether placing cigarette butt receptacles near the beach will reduce the number of cigarette butts picked up during beach clean ups.

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