Mercyhurst University

Randy Clemons, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science, Dean of the School of Social Sciences

Preston 109

(814) 824-2358

Dr. Clemons regularly presents at national conferences usually in the areas of foreign policy and national security. He is an expert in simulations. He has received grants in, and has been a professional consultant and facilitator in, the areas of leadership, community development, and strategic planning/futuring – most recently donating time to Erie County’s efforts to address health care disparities within the community. In 2007 he won the “Distinguished Teaching Award” at Mercyhurst College.

Specialization: International Relations, Public Policy, American Government, Simulations

Dr. Randy S. Clemons, received his bachelor of arts at Whitworth University in Spokane, WA, and his doctorate at Idaho State University. Dr. Clemons is a Professor of Political Science and since 2009 has been the Dean of the School of Social Sciences (i.e., the departments of History, Sociology, Social Work, Criminal Justice, and Political Science). In 2007 he won the “Distinguished Teaching Award” at Mercyhurst University.

He teaches and researches in both the international relations and public policy arenas and has presented papers at more than 30 conferences across the nation. The co-author of the textbook Public Policy Praxis (with Mark McBeth), and multiple book chapters, including one on Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert exploring the impact of Fake News and a chapter in the book Conflicts in Health Policy; Dr. Clemons’s recent research has appeared in the Journal of Public Administration,  Foreign Policy Analysis (forthcoming),  World Medical & Health Policy,   Risks, Hazards, & Crisis in Public Policy;  and Electronic Hallway.

His public policy book has been widely adopted as a text in public policy programs at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Some of the schools where professors have adopted it include: Duke, Syracuse, UCLA, American University, the University of Pennsylvania, George Mason, Seton Hall, Michigan State, University of Florida, Creighton, Arizona State, the US Coast Guard Academy, West Point, Ohio State, Catholic University of America, John Hopkins, Virginia Tech, Washington University, and the George H.W. Bush School of Public Policy at Texas A&M.