leslie guelcher
Assistant Professor
CAE 303

Dr. Guelcher teaches a myriad of courses in the Intelligence Studies department. She specializes in the nexus between criminal justice and business, particularly as related to security issues. Dr. Guelcher researches the impact of climate change on national and business security, as well as the efficacy of team learning for small groups in the intelligence field. Before entering academics, she worked with for-profit and non-businesses in competitive and business intelligence. She also worked in anti-money laundering and anti-counterfeiting operations.


  • Doctorate, Criminal Justice, California University of Pennsylvania
  • Master of Science, Applied Intelligence, Mercyhurst University
  • Master of Business Administration, Pennsylvania State University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Communications, Marymount University

Teaching Interests

  • Climate Security
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Cyber Threat Analysis
  • Strategic Intelligence

Courses Taught

  • RIAP 177: Introduction to Intelligence Studies
  • RIAP 178: Intelligence Methods and Analysis
  • RIAP 240: Intelligence for Business
  • RIAP 250: Professional Communication
  • RIAP 276: Law Enforcement Intelligence
  • RIAP 280/281: Communicating Intelligence Analysis, I and II
  • RIAP 312: Social Media Intelligence and Analysis
  • RIAP 325: Cyber Threat Analysis
  • RIAP 365: Advanced Competitive Intelligence
  • RIAP 368: Climate Change and National Security
  • RIAP 370: Anti-Money Laundering, Counter Terrorism Financing
  • RIAP 425: Strategic Intelligence
  • RIAP 440: Anti-Money Laundering, Know Your Customer
  • RIAP 460: Anti-Money Laundering, Transaction Monitoring
  • RIAP 470: Anti-Money Laundering, Advanced Writing  
  • INTL 520: Advanced Analytic Techniques
  • INTL 540: Competitive Intelligence
  • INTL 576: Law Enforcement Intelligence
  • INTL 580: Intelligence Communication
  • INTL 612: Social Media Intelligence and Analysis
  • INTL 650: Topics in Intel: Environment, Health & National Security

Research Interests

  • Climate Security
  • Intelligence Studies-related Pedagogy
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence and Analysis
  • Corporate Criminality: Money Laundering, Environmental Crimes, Counterfeiting

Professional Affiliations

  • Serves on the Core Competencies and Cyber Threat Analysis Committees of the International Association of Intelligence Educators.
  • Works with governmental, for-profit, non-profit, and law enforcement partners to identify strategic questions and issues that can be used for the capstone course.

Recent Publications and Presentations

  • 2023: Shannon, B., Guelcher, L., Weaver, M., & Fife, M. Comparing Student Perceptions of Accountability, Preference for Team Learning, and Satisfaction in Team-Based Learning versus Problem-Based Learning in a U.S. Intelligence Studies Program. Pre-publication: Journal of Security, Intelligence and Resilience Education.
  • 2020: Guelcher, Leslie. Holding Corporations Responsible for Environmental Crimes in the United States. Doctoral Research Portfolio. California University of Pennsylvania.
  • 2015: Guelcher, Leslie. Vulnerability Assessment: Publicizing Top Secret/Special Compartmentalized Information Clearances On Social Media Sites And Its Impact On Organizational Cyber Security. Thesis
  • 2014: Forlines, C., Miller, S., Guelcher, L., & Bruzzi, R. Crowdsourcing the Future: Predictions Made with a Social Network. CHI 2014 (pp. 3655-3664). Toronto, ON, Canada: Association for Computing Machinery.