David Hyland
Miller Hall 104, North East Campus

Bachelor’s Institution and degree:

B.A., University of Cincinnati (1984)

Doctorate Institution and degree: 

Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh (1997)

List of Courses taught in past 5 years:

  • BIO 334/335: Human Anatomy
  • BIO 120/121: Human Biology
  • BIO 130/131: Functional Human Biology
  • ANTH 336: History of Anthropological Theory
  • ANTH 236/237: Analytical Methods in Archaeology

Brief Research Description: 

Though principally trained as a biological and archaeological anthropologist, my research interests are wide and varied. My most recent project took advantage of the university’s cadaver lab and involved an investigation of the anatomical variations in the architecture of the thumb. In the past, I have explored the social connections between theories of culture and artistic movements, conducted archaeological fieldwork in faraway places like Mongolia and Ukraine, analyzed the material culture and perishable industries from numerous North American archaeological sites, and developed immunological techniques for identifying historic and prehistoric protein residues.