Barry Zulauf
Adjunct Professor

Dr. Barry A. Zulauf, a member of the Senior National Intelligence Service, is the Chief of Analytic Integration in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).  He is the Executive Secretary of the National Intelligence Analysis Board. Previously, he was selected by Director of National Intelligence Clapper in 2012 for a three-year Rotational Assignment as the first ODNI Chair on the faculty of the National Intelligence University.    He was the founding director of the  Leadership and Management in the Intelligence Community Certificate Program and was elected Vice Chairman of the Faculty Senate for 2013-14. and Chairman for 2014-15. He directes cutting edge graduate student research in the fields of counterdrug intelligence, open source analysis, intelligence integration, adaptation to emerging technologies, and intelligence targeting.

As an Adjunct Professor of Intelligence, Dr. Zulauf has taught in the classroom and online for Mercyhurst since 2005.

Zulauf’s previous service includes creating and being the first head of DEA’s Intelligence Community Component in 2006.  In this capacity, he served as Deputy Chief and Acting Chief of the 16th Member of the IC. Served in a number of positions of increasing responsibility in Naval Intelligence.  Retired in 2013 after a 22 career as a reserve Naval Intelligence Officer, including a combat tour in Afghanistan.

Teaching at Mercyhurst 

  • 501  Research Methods in Intelligence
  • 510  Intelligence Theory and Application
  • 576  Law Enforcement Intelligence


  • Ph.D. in International Relations, Indiana University 1988
  • MA in Comparative Politics, Indiana University 1984
  • Diploma for Joint Professional Military Education, Naval War College, 2013
  • Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence 1994
  • National Security Executive Leadership Program, School of Foreign Service, 2008

Other Teaching

  • Adjunct Professor of Applied Intelligence, Georgetown University
  • Adjunct Professor of Intelligence Analysis, James Madison University
  • Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University
  • Adjunct Professor of Intelligence, George Mason University

Research Interests

  • Research Design and Methodology
  • Intelligence Support to National Security Decision Making
  • Leadership and Management of the Intelligence Community
  • Narco-Terrorism
  • Social, ethnic, nationalist and religious sources of conflict