Collegiate athletics goes to the heart of our university and our sense of camaraderie because it can bridge gaps, unite people who otherwise might not interact, and provide opportunities for personal growth. Our student-athletes are dedicated, hard-working members of our community, and we appreciate their sacrifices and devotion to their teams. 

Mercyhurst Remains Committed to Providing Athletes Opportunities to Play

Since November, Mercyhurst's winter sports programs have been safely competing in games. Mercyhurst plans to move forward with spring sports at the start of the semester, based on conference affiliation. Mercyhurst is also pursuing opportunities for fall sport teams to compete against other schools in the spring as well. We are committed to providing an opportunity for all student-athletes to safely participate in their sport during the spring semester. Fans are not permitted to attend any games; however fans can watch all of our games online. For more information, please visit Hurst Athletics. Mercyhurst Athletics will continue to monitor and adhere to current CDC, NCAA, state, and county guidelines and regulations as they pertain to a safe return to NCAA Division I and II athletics competition. Health and safety will remain at the forefront of all athletic decisions made. 

Mercyhurst University Department of Athletics Guidelines

Mercyhurst's Department of Athletics has published a set of guidelines for student-athletes to follow as they return to campus. If you have questions about any of these guidelines or feel as if information is missing, please contact Sue Sweeney at

eSports and Intramural Sports


Despite restrictions on gatherings, students will still be able to get involved and participate with other students, virtually. Mercyhurst is looking to host various eSports tournaments for students throughout the academic year. While logistics are still being finalized, this medium of gaming brings participants together in a safe and practical manner. We’re seeking student input on the following:

  • Console vs. PC gaming (depending on interest level, there would be various tournaments/leagues for both consoles and PC)
  • Game types (FPS, sports, etc.)
  • Tournament style (playing against fellow Mercyhurst students or other schools)
  • Prize types for winning teams
  • Gaming setup (while most games will be played in your living area, we’re considering options such as hosting games in the Student Union, with social distancing being practiced)
    • Some setups may require students to supply their own consoles and games

Intramural Sports 

Mercyhurst plans to offering several physical intramural sports. Intramural sports are excellent ways to meet fellow students, stay active, and more importantly, safe, during the academic year. 

More information on how to participate will be made available as the academic year continues. If students have questions or suggestions, please contact Joe Spano, director of intramurals, at