Text Alert System

The ability to blast text messages to thousands of people within minutes just became a reality at Mercyhurst University.

Once considered a nonessential, the Virginia Tech tragedy made college administrators nationwide look at text messaging in a whole new light as part of their emergency response plans. Today’s students aren’t listening to the radio; they’re listening to their iPods; they aren’t watching television, they’re tuning into YouTube; and colleges have learned that they cannot update everyone through traditional media any longer.

e2Campus, extends the reach of existing emergency notification measures like campus wide e-mails and Web page updates to alert students anywhere, anytime. The advantage of text over e-mail is that students are constantly looking at cell phones. It’s their mode of communication.

The e2Campus system can broadcast text messages to subscribers on all four campuses in just minutes. It will function with mobile phones, Blackberries, wireless PDAs and smart phones.

To receive the alerts from our e2Campus system, members of the campus community must register their cell phones by clicking here and following the instructions.


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