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Internships are the combination of classroom and on-the-job work experience. Not all majors require an internship for graduation, but internships are a great way to stand out to potential employers and to start building a professional network. Depending on your major, you can earn up to twelve credits with departmental permission. Current students should stop by the CDC or schedule an appointment with a career counselor to learn about the internship process.
How Internships Work

There will be a minimum number of hours that need to be completed according to the number of credits registered.  The student, on-site supervisor, and the career counselor assigned to your internship establish measurable learning goals that internship students must in order to receive academic credit. The coordinator uses a mid-term status report, a performance evaluation, and a reflection paper to determine if students are successfully combining the theory of the classroom with practical experience.
      0 credits =  minimum 100 hours
      3 credits = minimum 200 hours
      6 credits = minimum 400 hours
What are the benefits?

Students get to blend their acquired classroom theory with unique practical experiences. They gather an understanding of the professional work world. They solidify invaluable networking contacts. They gain specific experience to be incorporated into a resume and an interview. Finally, students may be able to request a letter of recommendation from their immediate supervisor.  This will strongly support their application for future full-time employment.

Our Staff

Heather Balas, M.A.
Career Counselor

Emma Kovacs, M.A.
Career Counselor

Frank Rizzone
Career Counselor