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Campus Life


Have you heard of Hurst Day? The new Mercyhurst tradition, established in 2015, includes free food, games, a scavenger hunt and best of class! 

Your college experience – not to mention a great education – happens both in and out of the classroom. Here at Mercyhurst University, the ingredients to support your academic goals and enhance your continuing development are readily available. Your initiative, interests, creativity and openness to exploring new experiences will make your life at Mercyhurst meaningfully memorable. Not everything is for everybody, but there is something for everyone. 

Broadly, we conceive of Campus Life as opportunities for engagement, growth in resilience and commitment to respect for one another and ourselves. Rooted in our Catholic and Mercy identity, all of the opportunities available to you in the area of Campus Life will support, challenge and reward you in becoming who you know you are: a woman or man who recognizes “the human and spiritual values embedded in everyday realities and (who will) exercise leadership in service toward a just world.”

Explore, get involved, make new friends. Be amazing, be imaginative, be eminent. Be MU! Carpe diem.