Monochrome 2.0

Tuesday, March 02, 2021
monochrome beige outfits

Monochrome has made a comeback! This head-to-toe look is wildly popular right now, for everything from daytime to evening wear.

The word monochromatic is broken down into ‘mono,’ meaning one, and ‘chromatic,’ meaning color. This style phenomenon has had a controversial reaction in the past decades. In the early 2000s Juicy Couture made monochrome popular with its iconic matching sweat suit, often seen in various shades of pink.

Monochrome casual sets are now a simple way to look more put together while staying comfortable. Zooming has never been more stylish!

What may have evolved from matching workout sets or casual attire has now transitioned to monochrome formal attire, as seen at the 2021 presidential inauguration. Former first lady, Michelle Obama, current first lady, Dr. Jill Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris, all made appearances in monochromatic dress and coats ensembles.

It's easy to get this look: simply choose a shade you love and pick pieces within that color family. The hues do not need to match perfectly, but rather complement each other. Advantages of rocking a monochromatic look include not only refinement, but also a slimming aesthetic. Win win! 

Wearing one color from head to toe is one way to make a dramatic statement this spring, whether you’re going to the gym or attending a formal event! Check out some of the outfits below for inspiration, and then run (don't walk) to your closet to make this trend work with what you already own. 


monochromatic daytime looks
Mix different shades and textures for a more interesting look. For example, pair patent leather pants with a cotton shirt.


seafoam green outfit
A sophisticated way to make a dramatic statement is to add accessories like a hat, belt, and shoes in the same color as the outfit.

camel colored outfit
Hailey Bieber is seen here making a monochrome casual set look more stylish by adding large gold hoops, bold sunglasses, and black leather loafers.

inauguration monochromatic fashion
Former First Lady, Michelle Obama, First lady, Dr. Jill Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris arrive at the 2021 Presidential Inauguration all wearing sharp monochrome formal attire.

Marisa Ripepi, '21
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