How to get Beach Waves Without the Beach: Three techniques to get effortless and tousled beach hair

Wednesday, July 20, 2016
How to get Beach Waves Without the Beach: Three techniques to get effortless and tousled beach hair

When I think of beach waves it takes me back to middle school watching Laguna Beach and desperately wishing I was part of their friend group. Lauren Conrad’s hair was everything. Some of us aren’t as fortunate to be able to dip our hair in the salty ocean everyday, so we must resort to hair products and tools. Here are a few trendy hair techniques to master the wave.

1. Non-Tool Waves

If you’re looking to get that natural, healthy beach wave without using a straightener or curling barrel, I’ve got just the solution for you. There are an abundance of ways to conquer this look.

The first technique can be done before bed or in the morning. It will require you to start with damp hair, and then simply twist small sections all over your head.

The next step is to douse your twists in a sea salt spray (my personal favorite is the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray). After spraying, take all of your twists, combine into a massive twist, and wrap up in a sock bun style.

Apply a loose elastic band around the bun, so you don’t have any creases. Then spray, spray, spray that bun! Once the bun is entirely dry, release and run your fingers through your hair or take a comb gently through.

Too much work?

If that technique doesn’t seem easy enough for you, or you simply want a quicker way, don’t you worry: there’s more than one way. As always, starting with damp hair is the key. You can simply put basic braids throughout your hair, apply some sea salt spray, and head to bed. Take those puppies out in the morning, apply some hair spray and you’re good to go.

Now, if braids aren’t one of your best coordination skills, I got you. Starting with your damp hair, simply separate your hair into sections. The size of waves you want will depend on how many sections you need. All you need to do is twist your hair and then wrap it into a little bun, secure it, then move onto the next section and repeat. If you slightly resemble Princess Leia from Star Wars when finishing… you’ve done well, young Jedi. Spray the buns and head to bed. Both of these techniques can be done before bed or in the morning! (Pro tip: you can DIY your own sea salt spray by adding water and salt into a clear, clean spray bottle!)

2. Flat Iron Waves

Now moving onto using hair tools. I know what you’re thinking: waves from a flat iron…? Yes, this technique has been around for so long, yet everyone forgets how fantastic the results are!

This time around we are starting with either dry clean hair or a day old hair. If you’re going with the day old hair, my suggestion is to first apply dry shampoo or my personal favorite, baby powder, to your roots. Now, simply split your hair into sections, as you always should. Start by taking a piece of hair and applying the flat iron as you normally would to the top. Then, as you pull the straightener down your hair, twist the flat iron away from your head and continue to pull all the way down to your ends with your hair still twisted around the iron. Once you do this to your entire head, loosely comb through and spray with some sea salt spray!

3. Barrel Waves

Out of all the techniques I would have to say that barrel waves are the most common today. This technique is great for not only long hair, but also all you short haired gals looking for wave help.

Barrel waves can be done by using your average curling iron or a clipless iron (I highly suggest the Sedu clipless iron). First you are going to start by wrapping the ends of your hair around the barrel. There are two ways this can be done. When you hold your iron vertical it will produce longer and thinner waves, where as if you hold the iron horizontal you will result in fuller and bouncier waves.

Since we do not want our waves to look like we tried, alternating these throughout your hair is the key to a natural look. After doing this technique in layers all around your hair, finally add some sea salt spray and lightly scrunch it into your hair. (Fun fact: Jennifer Aniston’s hairstylist used to use salt water from the ocean back in the day as well as sunscreen on the ends of her hair.)

So, still obsessing over the Lauren Conrad-esque natural beach waves like me? One of these three techniques is bound to work for your hair type!

 Savannah Adair, '16
Savannah Adair, '16
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