At the gates of Mercyhurst University, it is hard to imagine that at one time it was farmland. In early 1920, Mercyhurst College existed only as an idea in the mind of Mother Borgia Egan. It was a dream – a dream that the Sisters of Mercy would someday establish a college for women in Erie, Pennsylvania.

With considerable determination and hard work, Mother Borgia and the Sisters of Mercy created a reality. In September 1926, Mercyhurst welcomed nineteen freshmen and four sophomores. Mother Borgia’s dream made a difference for the Erie community and the students who have since graduated and become alumni of Mercyhurst Univerity.

Also making a difference are many alumni and friends who have faithfully given an annual gift year after year to Mercyhurst University. Spanning at least two decades of giving, 160 alumni graduating from 1937 through 1991 have given faithfully each and every year. Mercyhurst is also proud of its “friends” who also give an annual gift every year. Much like Mother Borgia’s determination to establish a college for women in Erie, Mercyhurst’s alumni and friends have held steadfast to their belief that Mercyhurst will continue to be a significant presence of higher education “on the hill.”