Congratulations on being selected to receive an endowed scholarship!

You have been entrusted with an endowed scholarship because we know you will represent the university well and that you will take advantage of the mentoring and networking opportunities that come with the scholarship.

Endowed Scholarships - Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Endowed Scholarship?

Students who receive a Presidential Scholarship from Mercyhurst University may also be eligible to receive an endowed scholarship. Especially meaningful, these scholarships are established by individuals (alumni, corporations, foundations, or friends of the University) who care deeply about Mercyhurst and its students. An endowed scholarship can establish a direct connection between you and the donor; most donors welcome the opportunity to meet or correspond with the students who receive their awards.

I just received an Endowed Scholarship. Do I get additional money?

In most circumstances, no. These scholarships are dollar for dollar replacements of Mercyhurst University aid. Donors have given these funds to the University to support the educational opportunity of deserving students. There are only a select few scholarships where financial aid packages are adjusted, and you will be specifically notified if your scholarship falls in that category.

Does this change the amount of my Presidential Scholarship each year?

An endowed scholarship will reduce the amount of your Presidential Scholarship, but that change in amount is replaced by the endowed scholarship.  Both the endowed scholarship and Presidential Scholarship, at its newly adjusted amount, can be maintained each year.

Why was I selected as an Endowed Scholarship recipient?

You were selected as a recipient of your particular scholarship because you are receiving financial aid and meet the criteria specific to this scholarship set by the donor for your fund (i.e. major, geographic area, specific affiliations, etc.).

What is expected of me as a scholarship recipient?

Each academic year, we’ll send you an email notifying you of your scholarship selection and we ask that you connect with your donor. Included with your notification email is a link to fill out an online questionnaire containing a ‘thank you’ note. Once completed, we will send your responses to your individual donor.

Additionally, there may be opportunities to meet your donor. For example, if your donor comes to campus, we will set up meetings for lunch or coffee.

Can I put this on my resume?

Certainly! These scholarships are awarded to students based on academic achievement; it is an honor to receive one.

If I have questions, who should I contact?

Please contact Meaghan Hubert '16 '18M, who manages the endowed scholarships and stewardship of donors to these funds, at mhubert2@mercyhurst.edu or 814-824-2379. For questions about your individual financial aid package, please contact Student Financial Services, 814-824-2288 or by visiting Old Main 115.