Adult Programs are open to any adult who graduated from high school or earned a GED at least five years ago. Those who graduated less than five years ago who are veterans, married, or financially responsible for a dependent may also qualify. Adults wishing to complete undergraduate coursework as an 'adult student' may apply as one of the following:

  • Adult First-Time Student - adults who have never before attended college
  • Adult Transfer Student - adults who have attended college at some point in the past
  • Adult Re-Admit Student - adults who have previously attended Mercyhurst University
  • Adult Transient (Visiting) Student - students who are currently enrolled in another college or university and wish to complete one or more courses at Mercyhurst

Applications are accepted throughout the year for admission.

Adult First-Time Requirements

A high school diploma or GED is required for admission. Applicants must provide an official high school or GED transcript, plus two letter of recommendation.  Applicants who have lower than a 2.5 GPA on their high school or GED transcripts are asked to complete an academic placement exam. This is a computer exam on reading, writing, and math.  

Adult Transfer Requirements

Adults who have attended college at some point in the past must submit all official college transcripts from any post-secondary institution previously attended, plus two letters of recommendation. (An official high school transcript is required if the GPA from the last college attended is below a 2.5.

Adult Re-Admit Requirements

Adult students who have previously attended Mercyhurst University must only submit an application. We will obtain your Mercyhurst transcripts from the Registrar's office once your application is submitted. If you have attended another college or university after your time at Mercyhurst University, you would then be considered an Adult Transfer and must follow those admissions requirements.

Adult Transient Requirements

If you are not seeking a degree from Mercyhurst University but would like to take a single course, please fill out our Transient Student Application. We will only require transcripts if the course you are interested in has a prerequisite.