Your Mercyhurst admissions counselor works with you throughout the enrollment process. Most of our counselors are paired with students who live in specific geographic areas. Please review the listings below to find your admissions counselor or to contact another member of our Undergraduate or Graduate and Professional admissions teams.

Undergraduate Admissions

Christian Beyer
Director, Undergraduate Admissions
Kim Masone
Assistant Director, Admissions Events and Visits
Holly Deitrick
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions
Territory: Athletics Liaison, Erie County, PA
Julie Benson
Admissions Counselor
Territory: Transfers, Dance, Music
Joe Chiprean
Admissions Counselor
Territory: Ohio, Midwest, Texas and California, Greater USA
Zach Guth
Admissions Counselor
Territory: North/Central PA, Southern New York, New Jersey, New England, New York City
Sara Ruszczyk
Admissions Counselor
Territory: Western PA (Greater Pittsburgh), Eastern PA, D.C. and Baltimore
Courtney Olevnik
Director, International Student Services, Principal Designated School Official (PDSO)
Territory: International Students
Maria Antunez Centeno
Assistant Director, International Student Services, Designated School Official (DSO)
Territory: International Students
Shameka Harper
Data and Communications Coordinator
Sherry Rieder
Systems and Business Process Manager

Graduate and Professional Admissions

Steve Gregg
Director, Graduate and Professional Admissions
Territory: Associate (Health), LPN, Adult/Post-Baccalaureate, BSN Completion Program
Colleen Hordych
Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions
Territory: Graduate Programs
Christian Constantine
Veterans Services Coordinator
Territory: Veterans and Municipal Police Academy
Aaron Jackson
Graduate and Professional Enrollment Coordinator
Territory: RN and Associate (Non-Health)
Jenna Rosciszewski
Admissions Counselor
Territory: RN, Associate (Health), BSN Completion, and Practical Nursing

Contact Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate Admissions
501 East 38th Street
Erie, PA 16546
Phone: 814-824-2202

Contact Graduate and Professional Admissions

Graduate and Professional Admissions
501 East 38th Street
Erie, PA 16546
Phone: 814-824-3351