Zurn College of Natural and Health Sciences

Zurn College of Natural and Health Sciences

Inspiring passion and curiosity for the natural world. 

The Zurn College strives to advance our understanding of the natural world, human health and disease, and rehabilitation through theoretical and practical training across multiple disciplines. Our programs are at the forefront of scientific thought and research, with rigorous coursework that will motivate you to engage with theories, form hypotheses and devise valid experiments. As a student, you’ll regularly collaborate with your professors to investigate the processes and mechanisms underlying the diversity and mysteries of the universe as well as the scientific and social dimensions of human health

Mercyhurst students study abroad during their undergrad years (national average: less than 1 in 10)

of our pre-professional students are accepted into health professional programs (including medical and dental schools)

undergrads in Zurn College

Program Offerings

College Spotlight: DNA SEQUENCER

Mercyhurst’s Hirtzel DNA Sequencing Center features two cutting-edge sequencers that allow for rapid amplification of DNA from any organism, offering research applications in many disciplines.


Research excursions regularly take students around the region and around the globe.

College Spotlight: ZURN COLLEGE

Our graduates have gone on to master’s and doctoral programs at places like Ohio State, Northwestern and Cornell.

College Spotlight: TRAVEL THE GLOBE

Faculty-Student Academic Travel experiences have taken students to investigate volcanoes in Costa Rica, secure safe water in Puerto Rico, view the CERN supercollider in Switzerland, and study marine biology in the Caribbean.


Attn. Dean Michael Elnitsky, Ph.D.

Zurn Hall
501 E. 38th St. | Erie, PA 16546
Phone: 814-824-2346
Email: melnitsky@mercyhurst.edu

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