The Learning Differences Summer Program is called Pathways to Academic Success for Students (PASS). It occurs the three (3) weeks prior to Freshmen Move-In.

Who is invited? 

This pre-college program is open to all participants in the Learning Differences Program. It provides an opportunity for incoming freshmen to adjust to the rigors of college life.

What can the student expect?

  • Enroll in a 3-credit college course.
  • Learn valuable college study skills to sharpen your academic skills.
  • Connect with other students before the academic year starts.

How much is the cost of the PASS Program?

The cost of the 2019 Summer PASS Program is $1,340.00.  It includes the application fee, room, and board and along with the tuition for a three-credit course, is placed on the Fall bill.

There are three goals of the PASS Program experience:

First of all, the PASS Program allows incoming students an opportunity to connect with other program students, administrators and faculty before the entire freshman class impacts the campus.

A second and equally significant goal of the PASS Program is to allow students with learning and/or other disabilities an opportunity to begin recognizing and coping with the added demands that their disability imposes upon college coursework.

A third goal of the PASS Program is to give students a chance to earn three college credits which allows students with learning disabilities to have the flexibility of not having to add a fifth course during the Fall semester of their freshman year.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What happens in the Summer Program?

The course selected fulfills one of the REACH requirements. This year an Arts Encounter will be offered, Theatre Appreciation, a course geared to introducing the student to live performance experience through the various elements of the theatre. The class will meet for three hours each day. In addition to this 3-credit course, there are seminars scheduled which will explain support services and study strategies. The evenings will include mandatory study sessions where students will either do course reading, studying for tests, and/or preparing projects/ homework.

2. What is involved with the three-credit course? Will there be homework?

This class is scheduled for three weeks, and students will be responsible for the same amount of material as during the semester.

3. Will a grade be earned during the PASS Program?

The class is graded, and the grade will be calculated into the GPA (Grade Point Average) for the Fall Semester.

4. When does the PASS Program start?

Move-in Day is Sunday, July 28, 2019 beginning at 10:00 AM. Lunch will be served at Noon, and the family will say their goodbyes at 4:00 PM. The first class begins Monday, July 31, and concludes at Noon on Friday, August 17. The remaining Freshmen Class arrives on campus that day and WELCOME WEEK begins. A full schedule will be included with the student’s Move-In Packet.

5. What will be the room assignment during the PASS Program?

The PASS Program begins with all students moving into WARDE HALL. Students whose housing choice is Baldwin and McAuley will have to move twice. We are sincerely sorry for this inconvenience and will assist those who need to relocate to their permanent housing assignments. Because of this issue, we encourage students choose Warde Hall when selecting their residence for the 2019-20 year. Early residence hall sign-up is encouraged once confirmation to the University is received.

6. Once the Summer Program begins, do I have to remain on campus during the weekends?

While we cannot require that you remain on campus, we do strongly recommend it. Weekend activities have been planned by the staff to different places of interest around Erie.