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The Mercyhurst University Honors Program offers students an enriched intellectual collegiate experience, both in and out of the classroom. Honors students enjoy challenging course work, an engaging community of like-minded peers, smaller classes, and opportunities to enhance leadership and professional skills. The program confers the prestige of graduating with Mercyhurst Honors, the highest academic accolade given by Mercyhurst University, on those who satisfy the program requirements. 


The Mercyhurst University Honors Program director invites qualified high school seniors to apply to the Honors Program. Invited students are contacted by the Mercyhurst admission staff during the application process. 

Students already studying at the university and students transferring from other institutions are welcome to discuss participation with the director, Dr. Justin Ross.


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Alumni Testimonials

Emily McGuirk, MA, Honors Program Graduate 2007

Emily McGuirk, MA, Honors Program Graduate 2007

“I graduated with my MA in Counseling: Art Therapy from the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, now Adler University in 2009. I thought the Honors Program helped most with graduate school, I felt well prepared and while I won't say it was easy, I did not notice a drastic change in workload or expectations that some of my peers did.  It felt like a natural progression. I thought I received pretty good benefits, such as having my thesis published in a professional journal, and I did really enjoy the Honors Program. I'm glad I did it!"

Eric Schmalzried, BS, ACSM-HFS, WSI, LGI, Honors Program Graduate 2010

Eric Schmalzried, BS, ACSM-HFS, WSI, LGI, Honors Program Graduate 2010

“The Honors Program at Mercyhurst University was an enriching experience that encouraged me to broaden my boundaries and explore areas of study outside my major. I believe the additional requirements of the program helped me to be more successful in my job search after graduation and prepared me to be a well-rounded employee. I am grateful for the experiences and opportunities afforded to me as a result of my participation in the program."

Contact Us:

Justin Ross, director of Honors Program

Dr. Justin Ross joined the Mercyhurst University Honors Program in January, 2016. Justin earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English and Education before completing his Ph.D. in Organizational Learning and Leadership in 2013. His research interests include college student retention and persistence, institutional action, and student leadership development during college. Justin also serves as the Director of the Tutoring Center at Mercyhurst and is an adjunct instructor in the English department. Originally from Virginia, Justin has called Erie, Pennsylvania, home for the past 15 years.


For questions regarding the application process please contact Rebekah O'Connor in the admissions department at 814-824-2124.

Phone: 814-824-3605