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A Guide to Majors at Mercyhurst

We've grouped our programs into areas of interest to help you better match a major to your interests and strengths. 

Want to own your own business someday? Maybe a major in the area of Business and Management would be a good fit for you. Do you love to create or perform? Consider a major in the Creative and Artistic Expression area. 

With more than 50 majors and a variety of minors and concentrations, Mercyhurst has more than 100 areas of study, so you’re sure to find one that’s as unique as you are.


Business & Management
You might like this field if:

From mowing lawns to babysitting, you’re self-motivated to earn extra cash, and in your group of friends you’re the planner and organizer. Someday you’d like to work for a growing company or own your own business.

Helping & Understanding People
You might like this field if:

You have a natural gift for being a good listener or giving advice, and thrive on intense discussions about social justice, economic inequality or other big issues.

You love to volunteer – for school, for a club, at your church, on a service trip, or just for fun, and believe you can make the world a better place.

Health & Sciences
You might like this field if:

Dissecting the frog in biology class didn’t gross you out. Actually, you thought it was pretty much the best class ever. You enjoy solving problems and figuring out how things work, and have an eye for details.

Creative & Artistic Expression
You might like this field if:

The busy part of your day starts after school, whether it’s music lessons, dance class, time in the studio or time to go home and practice. You know you have natural talent, and you’re up to the challenge of perfecting it to make yourself – and your art – better.

Government & Law
You might like this field if:

You’re a current events junkie and actually watch the news and follow politics. You picture yourself on the case with the characters in your favorite TV crime drama, and love a good debate.

Global Awareness
You might like this field if:

From the food to the music to the language, you’re fascinated by other cultures, and aspire to be (or already are!) bilingual. You dream of studying abroad, and your ideal job is somewhere overseas or involves lots of travel.