Mercyhurst University

Archaeology Track

Our Archaeology and Geoarchaeology concentrations acknowledge that it is axiomatic that we, as a species, cannot know where we are going if we do not know where we have been. The fundamental mission of the this track is to provide our students with a comprehensive, hands-on experience that explicates and contextualizes within the Catholic and Mercy tradition not only the behaviors of the actors and actresses of antiquity and the present, but the environmental stage upon which they have operated, and upon which they will operate in the future.

Educational Goals and Objectives

Archaeology and Geoarchaeology Track Program Outcomes

Goal: Develop and master the principles and professional practices of anthropology, archaeology, and/or geoarchaeology.

  • Design archaeological, geoarchaeological and/or anthropological proposal and projects.
  • Apply GIS and statistical methods to archaeology, geoarchaeology, and/or anthropology.
  • Define and apply ethical standards in the practice of archaeology, geoarchaeology, and/or anthropology
  • Demonstrate fluency in the history of general anthropological theory and its relationship to contemporary archaeology, geoarchaeology, and/or anthropology
  • Prepare, assemble, and produce archaeological, anthropological, or geoarchaeological reports, publications, and theses.