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Cyber Security

The global rise in cyber crime has created an unprecedented demand for cyber security professionals. As an international leader in intelligence and cyber education, Mercyhurst University’s new online Cyber Security master’s program will prepare you to analyze cyber threats to computer systems, networks and networked devices, and protect those systems from cyber attacks. Through engaging online coursework, you’ll also learn to evaluate the legal, regulatory and ethical issues related to cyber security and privacy, and effectively communicate complex cyber security information.

A master’s in Cyber Security is excellent preparation for career advancement in the rapidly growing cyber professions. Mercyhurst’s program is one of the few in the nation to address cyber threats to business as well as national and international security. Grads of our program are well positioned for careers as cyber analysts and IT security specialists in virtually any industry.

“The construction of new cyber training facilities ensure Mercyhurst remains the vanguard of the field.” 

– Tom Ridge, 43rd governor of Pennsylvania and first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security


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Fast Facts

A full-time student will complete this 36-credit program in two years. 

Cyber Security students will never take more than one class at a time, making this program ideal for working professionals. 

Cyber Security faculty include experienced professionals with decades of experience in government, national security and private business. 

Our unique program will train students for jobs with government intelligence agencies as cyber analysts as well as IT security specialists in large and small private enterprises.

Mercyhurst’s Cyber Security program is housed in the Ridge College of Intelligence Studies and Applied Sciences, named after Erie native Tom Ridge, the 43rd governor of Pennsylvania and first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security.

Program Curriculum

Students in this 36-credit online program are required to take the following courses:

CIS 500 Computing & Information Science Concepts
CIS 501 Probability and Statistics
RMGT 520 Cyber Risk Management
CIS 510 Algorithm Development
CIS 560 Cyber Networks
CIS 561 Cyber Security
CIS 562 Digital Forensics
CIS 563 Cryptography & Network Security
CIS 564 Cyber Law & Policy
CIS 565 System & Application Security
CIS 598 Research Methods
CIS 599 Research Project

Course Descriptions
Degree Completion Plan

Contact Us:

Afzal Upal, Ph.D.

501 East 38th Street
Phone: 814-824-2117

Meet the Faculty:

M. Afzal Upal, Ph.D.
Chair of the Department of Computing & Information Science
Angela Berardinelli, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Charles Redmond, Ph.D.
Professor of Computing and Information Science
Mahesh Maddumala, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor of Computing & Information Science.
Christopher Mansour, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Computing and Information Science
Stephen Ousley, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Computing and Information Science