Minimizing cyber threats, maximizing security.

The rapid growth of online environments and global networks of interconnected devices (Internet of Things) leaves governments, businesses and organizations exposed to new types of cyber security risks. As costs of global cyber crimes continue to skyrocket, demand for professionals skilled at assessing and managing cyber risk is growing rapidly as well.

Mercyhurst’s online Cyber Risk Management integrates traditional elements of risk management with cutting-edge science in big data and cyber security, providing you with the skills to assess and mitigate cyber risks and protect intellectual property. Coursework highlights the technical, legal and business aspects of cyber risk management, with special emphasis on monetizing cyber risk through insurance.

Our grads will be leaders in an emerging field, well positioned for careers as cyber security managers with small and large enterprises, as well as in the insurance industry. 

Fast Facts

  • A full-time student will complete this 36-credit program in two years
  • Cyber Risk Management students will never take more than one class at a time, making this program ideal for working professionals

  • Whereas most risk management programs focus on financial risk, this program addresses the insurance side as it relates to cyber risk and intellectual property on computer systems, which tend not to be insured or protected well

  • Cyber Risk Management is a joint offering from Mercyhurst's Walker College of Business and Ridge College of Intelligence Studies and Applied Sciences

  • The Capstone represents an opportunity for an integrative, intensive experience, during which students will synthesize and apply concepts from the program's coursework to an applied project

The Ridge Advantage

Mercyhurst University pioneered the field of intelligence studies in the mid-1990s and is home to the largest and oldest academic intelligence enterprise in the United States. Founded in 1996, the Ridge College of Intelligence Studies and Applied Sciences has earned a reputation throughout the world for the quality and cutting-edge skills of its graduates. Mercyhurst intel alumni work in all 17 federal intelligence agencies and dozens of Fortune 500 companies, working to assist corporate and government leaders and decision-makers around the globe.

As new threats and technologies have emerged, Mercyhurst has invested heavily in both data science and cyber security, developing new online master’s programs in Cyber Risk Management and Cyber Security. Drawing on the diverse learning resources and experienced faculty of the Ridge College, these programs harness our national security bona fides to offer unparalleled instruction in some of today’s most dynamic fields.

“The construction of new cyber training facilities ensure Mercyhurst remains the vanguard of the field.”—Tom Ridge

Learning Outcomes

Students in this program will learn to:

  • Analyze various types of cyber threats to individuals and organizations and cyber networks
  • Perform risk management review for organizations; apply appropriate data analytics in the process
  • Distinguish among the varying risks that threaten an organization’s business model and strategic plan; and make recommendations on how to identify, assess, manage and monitor those threats.
  • Analyze techniques for assessing, monetizing, and mitigating traditional and cyber risks through insurance
  • Evaluate the U.S. and international legal, regulatory, policy and ethical issues involved in cyber risk management

Online Access

The Cyber Risk Management master’s curriculum is offered online, making the program an ideal fit for working professionals. As online learning has becoming increasingly popular in higher education, it is essential for colleges and universities to maintain the same educational standards across on-campus and online course delivery. At Mercyhurst, the Office of Distance Learning ensures online course delivery is consistent and predictable for an engaging, rewarding student experience.

Each online course is carefully mapped out to provide you with a guided learning experience. Courses progress sequentially, building on previous concepts to help you gain mastery of the course material. In addition to lectures and individual assignments, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with classmates and professors in real time through group projects, review sessions, debates and presentations.

As with any Mercyhurst education, students benefit from close personalized attention from faculty, with opportunities to connect via email, phone, Skype or office hours.

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