The Office of Academic Support offers professional advising and academic support for all students. Academic support counselors work with students in both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Our professional staff partner with students and faculty to enhance the academic experience and our office is committed to collaborative engagement within the campus community to improve student success, persistence, and retention. 


The mission of Academic Support is to engage all degree seeking students and support faculty advisors in the academic planning process to enhance the academic experience at Mercyhurst. 


Academic Support offers professional advising and academic support to students in associate degree, baccalaureate degree, and graduate degree programs. Our professional staff empower students to develop personalized educational goals which align with their academic and career interests. Our office is committed to collaborative engagement within the campus community to improve student success, persistence, and retention. 

Academic Support can assist students with most issues they may encounter, such as: 

  • Providing general academic guidance and academic advising 
  • Implementing academic success strategies  
  • Assisting with course planning and registration 
  • Developing academic goals  
  • Navigating the college environment 
  • Exploring interest areas and majors 
  • Finding a peer tutor 
  • Understanding the REACH liberal arts curriculum 
  • Addressing academic performance concerns 
  • Clarifying academic procedures and policies 
  • Connecting with other campus resources 

Academic Advising

Mercyhurst has a unique dual advising system. Academic advising is done in partnership between the professional academic counselors and the faculty advisors from various academic programs. Each student is assigned an academic counselor, as well as a faculty advisor. 

Academic counselors are professional staff in the Office of Academic Support who:

  • Offer general guidance regarding academics

  • Assist students in developing academic goals and exploring interests

  • Help students to understand the REACH Curriculum

  • Foster skills that encourage academic success

  • Address academic performance concerns

Faculty advisors are instructors in a student's major/program who:

  • Assist students in understanding major requirements and planning courses
  • Approve students for registration
  • Serve as mentors in a given field
  • Ensure students are on track to finish their degree

Exploratory Studies Program

Choosing a major might be daunting and students are sometimes unsure where to even begin. Academic Support is available to guide students who come to Mercyhurst as an undeclared major (Exploratory Studies) or who are considering changing their current major. The Academic Support team utilizes personality and interest inventories to help students to examine their values, interests, and skills more closely. Students are also strongly encouraged to attend the annual Majors & Minors Fair to learn more about Mercyhurst’s undergraduate majors. Students who start their academic career as an undeclared major should plan to declare a major by the end of the fall semester of their sophomore year. Students who come to Mercyhurst with a declared major but want to explore other options should connect with an academic counselor to begin the process. 

Students who participate in the Exploratory Studies program during their first year will work closely with their academic counselor to explore major options and stay on track for graduation.  

Academic Advantage Program

The Academic Advantage Program is a structured, inclusive academic program designed to help with the transition to college while fostering skills that encourage academic success and career readiness. Students participating in the program receive consistent one-on-one support from a professional Academic Counselor throughout their enrollment and design an individualized academic plan based on their strengths, abilities, and interests. These weekly sessions help students acquire more effective and efficient study skills, promote self-awareness, and foster independence to increase academic achievement. The Academic Advantage Program is a fee-based service and available to all majors and college years. The cost for the 2021-2022 academic year is $1,420 per semester.

Enrollment Process: To enroll in the Academic Advantage Program, please complete this online form. This form should only be submitted once a student has committed  to enrolling at Mercyhurst. Please submit at least 30 days prior to the term bill due date to ensure timely processing.  

Student Testimonials

Check out what past students in the Academic Advantage Program have to say!

  1. I have been a participant in AAP for almost 4 years now. My counselor has helped me with different study methods and has helped me get on the right track with what you need to do in regard to schoolwork. In the past I struggled with not asking questions whenever I needed help and while being in AAP here at Mercyhurst I’m starting to ask those questions. I’d rate my overall experience in AAP a 10. An 11 if it was an option. I’d recommend this experience to anyone who needs it because like I’ve said, they help you get on the right track but it’s up to you to do the work.
  2. During my time in the Academic Advantage Program at Mercyhurst I have realized several goals with the help of my counselor:
    • I was able to get through all my classes.
    • I will be able to achieve my goal of graduating and graduating with a dual major.
    • Proving myself by being the first ever student from my 12-1-1/IEP program from my high school to go to a four-year school and graduating with 2 degrees.
    AAP consists of a great group of people that are always there and willing to assist with whatever is needed. In my first semester, my counselor helped me with the transition into the college environment and assisted me with studying when I was struggling in classes. My current counselor keeps me calm when I am stressed over school. He helped me navigate a very difficult class and particularly long assignment. Always having someone to talk to and being able to connect over sports is something I have missed this semester as I am finishing up my last class remotely.”
  3. This program has helped improve my academic experience here at Mercyhurst. The weekly meetings with my counselor helped me get acclimated to college life and provided me comfort with knowing that there are people here to help me succeed. I would recommend AAP to peers and incoming students!

Contact Us

Office of Academic Support
Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Office: Egan Hall, First Floor
Phone: 814-824-2299
Appointments are offered in-person, virtually, and as walk-ins.