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Pre-Physical Therapy Minor

This minor is offered for the student who is majoring in another degree but would still want to pursue the pre-requisites for entrance into a Doctoral of Physical Therapy curriculum.

Core Courses

Phys 101/103 Principles of Physics I/Lab
Phys 102/106 Principles of Physics II/Lab
Spmd 162 Intro to Sportsmedicine
Chem 121/122 General Chemistry I/Lab
Chem 222/223 General Chemistry II/Lab
Bio 270/271 Human Anatomy/Lab
Bio 280/281 Human Physiology/Lab
Spmd 263 Nutrition for Health Professionals
Spmd 365/366 Kinesiology/Lab
Spmd 380/381 Exercise Physiology/Lab

Suggested elective: Spmd 372 Therapeutic Management/Modalities and Rehabilitation