Mercyhurst University

Mathematics Minor

Math 170 Calculus I

This is the initial course in a sequence of courses on the fundamental ideas of the calculus of one variable. It is here that truly significant applications of mathematics begin. Topics included are functions, continuity, limits, derivatives, maxima and minima and antiderivatives. Projects may be assigned requiring the students to use a Symbolic Computer Algebra System. Satisfies either the common or distribution core requirements in mathematics. Offered Fall and Winter terms. 4 credits.

Math 171 Calculus II

Any student who has completed Calculus I should take Calculus II to obtain a complete study of the calculus of one variable. Topics included are the integral antiderivatives, the Fundamental Theorem, volume, length of an arc, surface area, average value, moments, integration techniques, series, sequences. Projects may be assigned requiring the students to use a Symbolic Computer Algebra System. Satisfies the distribution core requirement in mathematics. Prequisite: MATH 170. 4 credits.

Math 150 Linear Algebra

This course is an introduction to the algebra and geometry of Euclidean 3-space and its extensions to Euclidean N-Space. Topics included are systems of linear equations, determinants, vectors, bases, linear transformations and matrices. Prerequisites: MATH 170, MATH 171. 4 credits.

Math 233 Calculus III

This is an introduction to the calculus of several variables. Topics selected from polar coordinates, functions of several variables, partial derivatives, multiple integrals, line integrals, surface integrals, Green's theorem and Stokes' Theorem. Prequisites: MATH 150, MATH 171. 4 credits.

Math 265 Transition to Advanced Mathematics

This course is designed to facilitate the mathematics student’s transition to courses requiring a higher level of mathematical maturity. Emphasis will be on the reading and writing of proofs, and on communicating mathematically— both orally and in writing. Topics will include logic, set theory, functions, relations, and number theory. Prerequisites: MATH 150, MATH 171. 3 credits.

Plus two additional electives from among the following:

  • MIS 126 Programming I
  • MIS 190 Algorithms
  • MATH 201 Technical Writing with LaTeX
  • MATH 240 Differential Equations
  • MATH 245 Geometry
  • MATH 280 Modern Algebra I
  • MATH 281 Modern Algebra II
  • MATH 291 Statistical Analysis
  • MATH 370 Advanced Calculus
  • MATH 400 Topics in Mathematics
  • PHYS 201 General Physics I w/ Lab