Mercyhurst University

Information Technology Minor

MATH 146 Programming I

An introduction to computer programming, with an emphasis on the development of good programming habits and skills utilizing a modern object- oriented language. Topics will include programming basics such as loops, decisions, structures, functions, arrays, objects, classes, inheritance. Satisfies the REACH curriculum in mathematics. Prequisite: ALEKS Placement. 4 credits.

MIS 260 Networks

This is a study of the theory and utilization of computer networks. Topics include network hardware components, network standards from ISO-OSI and IEEE, networking protocols: channel access methods, Ethernet, and TCP/IP, Internet tools, peer to peer networking, network management, network routing and virtual circuits. Network software utilized in the course will include latest Microsoft server/client software and Linux. Prequisites:  MIS 140. 3 credits.

MIS 350 Database Management

This is a study of the concepts, procedures, design, implementation and maintenance of a data base management system. Topics include normalization, database design, entity-relationship modeling, performance measures, data security, concurrence, integrity and Structured Query Language. Microsoft Access and SQL server will be the software used to design and implement database concepts. Prequisites:  MATH 146. 3 credits.

Plus three electives from among the following:

  • MIS 140 Computer Operations
  • MIS 150 Introduction to Data Science
  • MIS 180 Linux/Operating Systems
  • MIS 190 Algorithms
  • MIS 224 Mobile Application Development
  • MIS 226 Programming II
  • MIS 280 Intro to Internet Programming
  • MIS 305 Game Programming
  • MIS 370 Client-Side Programming
  • MIS 380 Server-Side Programming