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Five-year (4+1) Bachelor with Master Degree Program in Secondary Education

You can now earn a bachelor degree in a subject area and master degree in secondary education in a total of five years at Mercyhurst University. Complete your undergraduate degree in anthropology/archaeology, biology, chemistry, math, English or history, and then enroll directly in the graduate secondary education program. Upon successful completion of the graduate program, you will earn a master degree and meet the state teacher certification requirements.


Since you can complete the master degree in only one year instead of the usual two years, it saves an entire year's worth of tuition costs and can enter the job market a year sooner at an advanced level. Plus you’ll receive a special tuition discount of over 20% in your fifth year.


Students in this program meet with both an advisor from the education department and the secondary specialist in their content area during their junior year to ensure that they have all content area courses required for state certification, and will make a formal application to the graduate program early in the fall of their senior year. In addition, students complete selected education classes as electives during their junior and senior years and complete the PRAXIS I and II national teaching exams. They then enroll in graduate courses starting in the summer following their senior year. Students may change their plans at any time during their undergraduate program. There is no obligation to pursue the graduate degree or teacher certification.


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