Stephen Zidek

Stephen Zidek Currently serves as an Assistant Professor teaching undergraduate and graduate students in the Intelligence Studies Program at Mercyhurst University (Erie, Pennsylvania, USA).  Prior to that, co-founded a cyber intelligence and strategic business company called GenuFi, Inc.,  catering to corporate and government organizations concerned about intellectual property protection, monetization of premium online content, and cyber security. Prior to founding GenuFi, he joined the private sector as Vice President and Director of the Anti-Piracy Intelligence Center at the Motion Picture Association in Los Angeles, an organization dedicated to identifying and mitigating intellectual property and cybercrimes affecting the six major Hollywood Studios.  Before entering into the private sector, Mr. Zidek worked for the U.S. Government in a number of positions at the US Department of State, Defense and Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Mr. Zidek is a decorated Marine for his service in Iraq and is now a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps Reserve.  As a Marine reservist, he has served with the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, the Joint Staff’s Intelligence Branch (J2) and Navy-Marine Intelligence Training Command besides numerous infantry commands.  He holds a B.A. degree from the University of Illinois, a M.A. from Flinders University of South Australia and has all but completed his dissertation for a Ph.D. at Southern Illinois University.