Dawn M. Wozneak

Dawn Wozneak Education and Academic Interests

Dawn Wozneak is an instructor within the Department of Intelligence Studies and currently serves as the Director of the Graduate Program in Applied Intelligence. An alumna of Mercyhurst University , Mrs. Wozneak received a M.S. degree in the Administration of Justice with a concentration in Applied Intelligence. She received a B.A. degree in Criminal Justice from the State University of New York at Fredonia. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Public Safety with a concentration in Criminal Justice. She worked as an intelligence analyst for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and as a police officer for several policing agencies in Western New York.

Courses Taught

Dawn teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses within the Department of Intelligence Studies. Past and present courses include:
INTL 501: Research Methods in Intelligence
INTL 510: Intelligence Theories and Applications (onsite and online)
INTL 679: Intelligence Thesis Seminar
INTL 680: Thesis in Applied Intelligence
RIAP 177: Introduction to Intelligence Analysis
RIAP 178: Advanced Intelligence Analysis
CRJS 106: Introduction to Criminal Justice Intelligence

Current Research

Dawn has also worked on a number of intelligence contracts and grants within the Mercyhurst University Institute for Intelligence Studies. For the Institute, she has been tasked to:
Develop training for foreign police officers and managers in the identification and development of intelligence, intelligence management, and intelligence for combating domestic and transnational terrorism;
Develop academic-based training courses in law enforcement intelligence and advanced critical thinking techniques for police executives;
Research open source intelligence related to trends in patterns of human trafficking;
Develop teaching case studies that emphasis analytic methodology-related learning objectives;
Research pre-incident indicators of domestic terrorist activity and develop associated research case studies; and
Supervise research related to VENONA.