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Wall Street Journal / UK Express - Intelligence Studies

Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Dec. 13, 2017, The Wall Street Journal article, “Dotards and Hooligans 101: Why Scholars Study North Korea’s Insults,” quotes Mercyhurst assistant professor of intelligence studies Michael Lammbrau about how scholars are studying the pronouncements using high-powered mathematical tools to better understand Kim Jong Un’s regime. The article cannot be viewed in its entirety except by subscribers. Lammbrau is referenced as saying that he developed a computer program utilizing machine learning to predict a nuclear test 73.2 percent of the time, based on North Korean threats. He has also produced a filter that he believes can identify harmless North Korean rhetoric – which doesn’t result in an actual military attack – with 96.7 percent accuracy. “The North Korean regime barks very loudly before it actually bites its intended target,” he said. “Like a pitcher who unknowingly flinches before he throws a fastball, Pyongyang may unwittingly display certain patterns before it launches a military strike.” A related story was also published in the UK's Daily Express. See it here.