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St. Vincent Hospital donates AED to police academy

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Saint Vincent Hospital and the Heart and Vascular Center have donated a life-saving Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to the Mercyhurst Municipal Police Training Academy at North East.    

Lora Joint, CCT, from the Saint Vincent Heart and Vascular Center, presented the AED to  Bill Hale, academy director, on Jan. 22, at the academy.

The police academy, through faculty member Joe Makowski, approached Saint Vincent about purchasing an AED to be used by the academy. 

“We greatly appreciate the AED that Saint Vincent’s has donated to the police academy,” said Hale. “It has been a longstanding goal of ours to make the training we give the cadets the best and safest we can offer. Our cadets undergo daily physical training in all types of conditions and locations. In the event of an emergency, we now have the instant capabilities to begin to provide for cardiac care. A cadet and instructor will be specifically charged with ensuring the AED is present for all physical activity outside of our facility. All cadets will be trained in its use. When it is not being used in the field, it will remain in the lobby of our facility for use by any person who may need it.” 

An AED is a portable computerized medical device that helps to detect sudden cardiac arrest and assist in correcting a person’s abnormal heart rhythm. Since 1999, Saint Vincent Hospital has placed more than 500 AED’s in area schools, public places and businesses throughout the region. 

In this case, Saint Vincent was able to donate the AED to the Mercyhurst Police Academy to assist in the training of the future police officers and to ensure the safety and well being of all who attend and participate in events at the university.