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Service Day builds camaraderie, saves nonprofits $31,000

Thursday, August 17, 2017

While new students at many universities are familiarizing themselves with campus, decorating their rooms, buying books and supplies, Mercyhurst University’s 700 new students will start their college careers on Monday, Aug. 21, with a longstanding tradition: the annual Day of Service.  

They’ll gather in the Mary Garden, all wearing Mercyhurst t-shirts, and board buses that will deliver them to 18 different sites across Erie County where they’ll perform approximately 1,400 hours of community service, according to Bethany Brun, service learning coordinator.

Not only is the event a chance to make new friends and support the local community, but it is an opportunity to live the Mercyhurst Mission in a rewarding and joyful way.

“The Day of Service has been in existence for the past decade and each year it is the one event that unites the freshmen class and exposes them to the community they’ll be living in for the next four years,” Brun said. “Many students go on to continue volunteering at their service site, and become engaged and active citizens as a result.  When all is said and done, Mercyhurst saves nonprofits nearly $31,000 through their 1,400 hours of service.” 

Sites include the following:

  • Asbury Woods Nature Center

  • Bethany Outreach

  • Bethesda Trinity Center

  • Brevillier Village

  • East Bayfront Neighborhood Watch

  • Erie Art Museum

  • Erie Zoo

  • McClelland Park

  • PA Soldiers' and Sailors' Home

  • Presque Isle

  • Quality of Life

  • Springhill Senior Center

  • SSJNN East

  • SSJNN West

  • St. Mary's Home

  • TREC Garden

  • At the university’s North East campus, roughly 200 students are expected to turn out for Saints & Service Day, also on Monday, said Rachel Pacholke, assistant student life director. They will perform service both on campus and in the community, including the North East Chamber of Commerce, First Baptist Church, St. Gregory Elementary School, Park United Methodist Church, and more.


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