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NRO at Mercyhurst announces Good Neighbor Awards

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Neighborhood Resource Organization (NRO) at the Mercyhurst University Civic Institute today announced 11 recipients of its inaugural Good Neighbor Awards in three categories: individuals, business and community allies and neighborhood groups.

Nominations focused on those that creatively promote fair and equal treatment of community members; contribute to the community beyond their own citizen responsibilities and beyond efforts for self-promotion; show extraordinary concern for the  quality of life for the wider community; take a leadership role to solve problems or promote change; encourage neighbors to participate in the life of the community; and overcome obstacles or take risks in the pursuit of furthering the development of a stronger community.

NRO Executive Director Dave Deter says, “The purpose of the Good Neighbor Awards is two-fold; we want to recognize the efforts and contributions of our everyday citizens while we hope these good deeds will inspire others to take the initiative, get involved or lend a hand.”

Individual Recipients

Mary Krysiak, Land Lighthouse Neighborhood                                                                                              

Gary McEnery, Little Italy Neighborhood                                                                                                   

Laura Reed, Southwest Erie Neighborhood

Marie Scalera, South Central Millcreek Neighborhood

Michelle Totleben, Academy Neighborhood

Brian Zimmer, Academy Neighborhood


Business/Community Allies

Phillip “Scottie” Askins, Owner/Operator, Farrell’s Superette, West Bayfront Neighborhood

Miriam Crossman, ServErie, various locations throughout Erie County

Gary Schnieder, Owner, Howard Industries, Fairview

Daniel Serafin, Owner/Operator, Serafin’s Food Market, Eastside Neighborhood


Neighborhood Groups

Academy Neighborhood Association

The 2015 recipients will also be featured in an upcoming series of vignettes on the NRO website

About the NRO: The Neighborhood Resource Organization (NRO) at the Mercyhurst University Civic Institute was created to provide support to individual Neighborhood Groups (i.e. Watch Groups/Neighborhood Associations), to carry out strategies as laid out in the Community Action Plan (CAP), published in June 2012, to address Community Disorganization (defined as: where there is little attachment to the community, where rates of vandalism are high and where there is low surveillance of public areas, more problem behaviors occur). The NRO is committed to carrying out the strategies of the CAP and is also committed to providing the resources neighborhoods need to be successful.  Initially housed at the Mercyhurst University Civic Institute, the NRO is now located at the former St. John the Baptist School.