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MNE students complete computer challenge

Monday, January 25, 2016

Students in Professor Stephen Kanicki’s computer operations II class at Mercyhurst North East have earned the right to talk some trash.

As part of a class project, Kanicki challenged the class to build a working computer using a case fabricated from common household items. In this case – a trash can. (All of the other components, such as the motherboard, CPU, hard drive, power supple and CD ROM drive, could be purchased.)

The goal was to teach computer hardware and repair in a fun, interactive way, said Kanicki, whose students last year completed the challenge by building a Lego version.

“I’m always a little excited and a little nervous to see what I’m going to get,” he said. “When my students told me they wanted to build a computer in a trash can…I told them to make it happen.”

What’s next for the Computer Operations II class?

Kanicki wants students to push beyond the boundaries of what is possible and impossible.

“I’d like to see a computer with all the component submerged in a fish tank…we’ll see.”

Members of the Computer Operations II class included: Nicholas Blumish, Matthew Crotty, Joshua Curry, Abigail Sweet, Michael Whitcomb, Heather Woodring, Brandon Young. (A special thanks goes to Eugene “Skip” Woodring.)

PHOTO: Can you build a working computer in a trash can? These students can – and did as part of Computer Operations II at Mercyhurst North East. Pictured here with the finished project are, from left, Brandon Young and Matthew Crotty.