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Mercyhurst well represented at AAFS meetings

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

(File photo from forensic anthropology short courses)

Mercyhurst University will be well represented at the upcoming American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) 67th annual meeting in Orlando, Fla. Of the 136 presentations in the Anthropology Section, 29 –  or 21.3 percent – have current Mercyhurst faculty, students or alumni as author(s).

All told, 18 graduate students and 13 undergrads plan to attend the Feb. 16-21, 2015, meetings. Three graduate students are recipients of the Forensic Science Foundation Student Scholarship Award. They are Katie Cline, Sean Carlson-Greer and Sarah Baumgarten. Kate Lesciotto earned the Forensic Science Foundation Student Travel Grant.

The following presentations, compiled by Heather Garvin, Ph.D., assistant professor of anthropology, reflect those involving current students or faculty:

·         “Twenty-Eight Years of Forensic Anthropological Casework in the Northeastern United States” - Alexandra R. Klales, PhD; Sara M. Fredette, BS; Katie Cline, BS; Dennis C. Dirkmaat, PhD

·         “The Optimized Summed Scored Attributes Method for the Classification of American Blacks and Whites: A Validation Study” - Michael W. Kenyhercz, MS; Alexandra R. Klales, PhD; Christopher W. Rainwater, MS; Sara M. Fredette, BS

·         “The Application of the Sub-Pubic Concavity/Contour for Sexing Subadult Human Innominates” - Alexandra R. Klales, PhD; Tesa L. Burns

·         “Skeletal Sex Assessment Utilizing the Fifth Lumbar Vertebra” - Sean Carlson-Greer, BA

·         “Sex Estimation Using Metric Measurements of the Sternum" - Megan Chapin, BA

·         “Classification of Ostensively Chinese-Cuban Males Using FORDISCÒ 3.1” - Kaleigh Best, BA; Stephen D. Ousley, PhD; Curtis W. Wienker, PhD

·         “The Impact of Daubert on the Admissibility of Forensic Anthropology Expert Testimony” - Kate Lesciotto, JD

·         “Age Estimation in Modern Individuals Between Birth and Fourteen Years Using Measurements of the Knee Joint" - Melanie Boeyer, BS; Stephen D. Ousley, PhD

·         “A Comparison of Radiographic and Osteological Findings in Suspected Infant Abuse Cases” - Heather M. Garvin, PhD and Steven A. Symes, PhD

·         “An Outline Analysis of Ancestry and Sex Differences in Cranial Shape” - Rachel Murphy, BA, Heather M. Garvin PhD

·         “Estimating Sex From the Innominate Utilizing New Measurements” - Sarah Baumgarten, BA; Stephen D. Ousley, PhD

·         “Human Identification From Burnt Remains” - Joe Adserias, DDS, PhD; Anna Hospital, MD; Luis L. Cabo, MS; Steven A. Symes, PhD; Dennis C. Dirkmaat, PhD

·         “A Re-Examination of Patterns of Abuse in Children” - Gina O. Hart, MA; Steven A. Symes, PhD; Roger A. Mitchell, MD

·         “Estimating Stature When Ancestry is Unknown: What Statistical Methods Work Best?” - Ani N. Hatza, MS; Stephen D. Ousley, PhD; Luis L. Cabo, MS.

·         “From Blumenback to Howells: The Slow, Painful Emergence of Theory in Forensic Race Estimation” - Richard Jantz, PhD; Stephen D. Ousley, PhD; Joseph T. Hefner, PhD

“We expect all of our graduate students to be quality researchers and emphasize research skills in both our undergraduate and graduate curriculum, so it’s not surprising to see that Mercyhurst has such a high representation at this national meeting,” Garvin said.