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Mercyhurst student earns national VA scholarship

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dr. Andrea Jeffress and Alicia Abbey

Alicia Abbey, PA-S, a second year student in the Department of Physician Assistant Studies at Mercyhurst University, has been selected for a Department of Veterans Affairs Health Professional Scholarship to cover all of academic year 2017-2018.   

The distinguised award covers tuition and fees at 100 percent as well as a cost of living stipend and an annual expenses/book stipend. As part of the scholarship program, Abbey has an opportunity to complete rotation experiences at a VA Medical Center.

Selection criteria includes academic performance, work experience, faculty and employer recommendations.

According to Mercyhurst faculty, Abbey has been an outstanding student and has excelled during clinical rotations. One preceptor commented she has demonstrated a knowledge and skill-set that is clearly above others at this stage in her training.

Abbey recently completed a rotation with Andrea Jeffress, M.D., who is also a member of the Mercyhurst Board of Trustees. Jeffress had this to say:

“Alicia Abbey, second year PA student at Mercyhurst University, is doing her clinical rotation with OBGYN Associates of Erie at Saint Vincent Health System, and she is such a joy. I love being on the Board of Trustees and being able to precept and teach the students as well. She's learning a lot, and I make sure she laughs a lot, too. Laughter is good for the soul. Keep up the great work, Alicia!”