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Mercyhurst reveals mind-blowing interactive sandbox

Monday, April 18, 2016

Sand castles, moats, bridges, tunnels – what could be more creative for a small child than building empires in the sand? Come to Mercyhurst University on Wednesday, April 20, and see for yourself as these imaginary landscapes come to life with interactive 3D projection technology.

It’s happening at the second annual Tech Expo, hosted by the IT Department of the Ridge College of Intelligence Studies and Applied Sciences, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Center for Academic Engagement, Room 300.

If watching a volcanic terrain erupt before your eyes doesn’t pique your interest, try the immersive technology known as Sprout, and add a whole new dimension to your creativity. According to its website, “Sprout is a fully integrated desktop 3D scanning solution with 3D object capture, editing and multiple streamlined 3D print options. Now anyone can grab something from the real world, manipulate it in the digital world, and bring it to life in physical space.”

Or, go for a roller-coaster ride, using virtual reality headgear to take you soaring down the rails. You’ll also get to experience 4k resolution computing with crystal clear videos that are on target to become the new standard in television viewing.

Students, faculty and staff are welcome throughout the day, said Intel’s IT Director Chuck Kuntz. “You’ll go away literally awed,” he said.  

PHOTO: Mercyhurst President Michael Victor checks out the interactive sandbox with students, from left, Matt Rogers, Katie Krull and Randy Ramos.