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Mercyhurst to help welcome Erie’s newest citizens

Friday, March 3, 2017

In honoring the Sisters of Mercy’s critical concern for immigration, Mercyhurst University is taking a leadership role in welcoming Erie’s newest U.S. citizens.

Members of the Mercyhurst community, faculty and students both, will provide an audience and reception to welcome new citizens as part of quarterly citizenship and naturalization ceremonies in U.S. District Court. Leading the way are Mercy Emissaries, a group of Mercyhurst faculty, staff and administrators, who are committed to sustaining the legacy of the Sisters of Mercy, who founded the college in 1926.

“At a time when issues regarding welcoming refugees and immigrants weigh heavily on many people’s hearts, this is a wonderful way to be Mercyhurst at our best and to honor the Sisters of Mercy’s critical concern for immigration,” said Greg Baker, director of Campus Ministry, who explained that Mercyhurst is working with the International Institute on the quarterly celebrations.

The volunteers will attend the next scheduled ceremony, which is slated for Wednesday, March 8, at the Erie County Court House. Baker said he is grateful for the outpouring of volunteers who have agreed to attend the ceremony and/or donate cookies for the reception. He asked others in the college community to consider assisting at a future date.

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