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MCAP poll delivers mixed reviews on Trump

Monday, February 20, 2017

While a majority of Erie County voters chose Donald Trump as their president, their reviews of his first month in office are mixed, with 49 percent reporting they disapprove of the job he is doing, according to a new poll released today by the Mercyhurst Center for Applied Politics (MCAP). Forty-one percent said they approve of his work thus far, the remainder either did not have an opinion or weren’t sure.

The survey marks the first of eight polls that will be conducted between now and 2020 that will track changes in public opinion of the Trump administration, said MCAP Director Joe Morris.

“Given Erie's importance in this last election, and the importance of counties in other states that look just like Erie, we'll have trends that people will be interested in as we move through the polling process,” Morris said. “The goal of this project is to provide an accurate account of the evolution of Trump’s performance as president.”

Following is a sampling of some of the negative responses regarding how Trump is doing on:

Relationships with other countries: 60 percent disapprove, 32 percent approve.

Health care: 51 percent disapprove, 36 percent approve.

Environment: 55 percent disapprove, 29 percent approve.

Immigration: 58 percent disapprove, 37 percent approve.

When asked specifically about Trump’s executive order banning citizens from seven countries from entering the U.S., 47 percent disapproved, 40 percent approved.

In contrast to a lengthy series of negative responses, the voters expressed approval of other key campaign issues: 49 percent said they approve, 36 percent disapprove, of the way Trump is handling the economy; on terrorism, 49 percent approve, 44 percent disapprove; and on national defense, 49 percent approve, 41 percent disapprove.

For a complete look at the poll results, visit MCAP.