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Comcast Sportsnet- David Lough | March 26, 2014

Comcast Sportsnet profiles Mercyhurst alumnus and baseball standout David Lough.

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Philadelphia Inquirer-MCAP | March 05, 2014

Mercyhurst poll on legalization of marijuana is featured in this Philadelphia Inquirer report.

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Tribune Review-Intelligence Studies | February 24, 2014

Intelligence studies featured in Pittsburgh Tribune-Review story on open-source intelligence.

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Patriot News-Michael Federici-Political Science | February 06, 2014

Michael Federici is interviewed about the Pa. gubernatorial race by the Patriot News.

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ESPN-Football-Joe Lombardi | January 22, 2014

Former Mercyhurst Lakers offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi hired by Detroit Lions.

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Scip Insight-Intelligence Studies | January 10, 2014

Professor Kristan Wheaton and researcher Melonie Richey author an article in scip.insight.

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Newsday-Kris Wheaton-Intelligence Studies | December 10, 2013

Intelligence Studies professor Kris Wheaton is interviewed for this Newsday blog on crowdfunding.

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Tribune-Review-Chris Magoc-History | December 06, 2013

Mercyhurst history professor Chris Magoc talks about the message behind "Out of the furnace."

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TC Palm-James Adovasio-MAI | December 03, 2013

Mercyhurst embarks on high-profile archaeological dig in Vero Beach.

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McClatchy News-Michael Federici-Political Science | November 20, 2013

Political analyst Michael Federici talks about Sen. Toomey with McClatchy.

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