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Mercyhurst prof explores Google Glass | April 05, 2013

Communication prof Meghan Corbin has been chosen by Google as one of 8,000 “explorers” to pioneer the futuristic new Google Glass technology.

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Meghan Corbin

Intel’s Breckenridge to share expertise at international confab in Seoul | April 02, 2013

James Breckenridge, Ph.D., executive director of the Institute for Intelligence Studies at Mercyhurst University (IIS-MU), has been tapped as a keynote speaker for the annual conference of the International Tactical Training Association (ITTA) to be held in Seoul, Korea, this September.

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Jim Breckenridge

Wheaton aims to kick start yet another game | March 11, 2013

Just when you thought Mercyhurst University’s foremost gamer Kris Wheaton would have exhausted his supply of games for grownups, he’s invented another, this one called “Widget.”

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McKenzie excavates fossil of Dunkleosteus | March 05, 2013

For 25 years, Mercyhurst University geologist Scott McKenzie has hunted the remains of the formidable Dunkleosteus, a killer fish that made its home in the salt water ocean that covered Erie County some 364 million years ago.

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David J. Livingston appointed new president of Lourdes University | February 20, 2013

David J. Livingston, Ph.D., vice president for advancement at Mercyhurst University, has been named the new president of Lourdes University. Thomas Geiger Jr., chair of the Lourdes University Board of Trustees, made the official announcement at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 20, at the university’s campus in Sylvania, Ohio.

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MU Shield

Steven Symes, PhD - Anthropology and Forensic Science Professor | February 14, 2013 - Doug Irving Register Writer

The charred body found in the burned-out wreckage of a mountain cabin, thought to belong to fugitive former police officer Christopher Dorner, had likely curled into a telltale posture, fingers clenched, arms up.

Forensic experts call that the fighter's stance, and it's what bodies do as they burn and the muscles and tissues tighten.

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Steven Symes, Ph.D.

'Hurst couples offer advice on 'love' as prelude to Valentine's Day | February 13, 2013

Love is in the air at Mercyhurst University – but not just on Valentine’s Day. More than 20 married couples call the ‘Hurst the workplace. So what’s it like to work on campus with your spouse? These couples gave us the scoop, as well as their best relationship advice for young valentines.

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Hurst Couples - Advice for Love

New book chronicles Mercyhurst history from its founding to 2000 | February 12, 2013

Roy Strausbaugh, Ph.D., is a specialist in European history, but his latest book tackles a subject much closer to home – the founding and development of Mercyhurst University.

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Mercyhurst Book Chronicle

Mercyhurst psychologist honored with B.F. Skinner Foundation award | January 28, 2013

Matthew T. Weaver, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology at Mercyhurst University, has been selected by the American Psychological Association as the 2013 recipient of the B.F. Skinner Foundation’s Early Career Researcher Award for his post-doctoral research on the behavioral effects of nicotine.

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MU Shield

Mercyhurst names research fellows | January 11, 2013

Dyan Jones, Ph.D., assistant professor of physics, and Robert H. von Thaden, Jr., Ph.D., associate professor of religious studies, have been named research fellows at Mercyhurst University for 2013, according to an announcement today by the Office of Academic Affairs.

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