55 students to present research Sunday

More than 50 Mercyhurst College students will present findings from their research projects at Mercyhurst's 2006 Research Symposium on Sunday, April 23, at the Audrey Hirt Academic Center.

Joining the 55 students will be eight college faculty members who will also showcase their research work for the public at the third annual symposium which runs from 6 to 9 p.m. The Mercyhurst College Honors Program sponsors the symposium.

Eight seniors will present their research projects in classrooms at the Hirt Center during the symposium. Each will make their oral presentation with the aid of slides. Some of those presentations will include Ronald Dorchak's examination of the role of the hospitality industry in reviving the Rustbelt; Sara Lawrence's "Did Joseph Pilates Invent the Fountain of Youth?" and Jocelyn Hughes' "Vladimir Putin: Retrenching Democracy or Saving Russia?"

Students will also have 44 poster presentations set up for the presentation. They will be present at the symposium with their posters to explain their work to anyone interested. Some of the topics include: Mark Fahmey, "A Microbial Assessment of Bluff vs. Bluff Top Plant Communities at Two Locations Facing Lake Erie;" Heather Garvin, "The Use of Botany in Forensic Anthropology;" Sarah Gerard, "Personality Traits as Predictions of Academic Goals;" Brittany Harger, "Ink me to please me: Body Image and the Art of Tattooing;" and Ted Winslow, "Fish Pathogens in the Great Lakes."

Eight faculty members will present findings from their research during the symposium. They include: Dr. Melissa Barranger-Mathys, "Investigations into the Use of Amino Acid Racemization to Date Archeological Sites; Dr. Gerard Barron, "The Effects of a Brief Mindfulness-Based Intervention on Perceived Stress in College Freshmen;" Dr. Peter Benekos, "Life After Death: Trends in Juvenile Justice After Roper;" Dr. Marilyn Livosky, "Marrying Late in Life: Reactions to Marriage as an 'Off-Time' Developmental Event: Do People Evaluate Written Work Differently Depending on the Author's Gender?"; Dr. Daniel McFee, "Ethics and the Needs of Others: A Case Study in Species Depletion and Rational Ignorance;" Keiko Miller, "Brushing into the Threshold of Life;" Dr. Terry Pettijohn, "Reducing Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia in College Students Through Education and Action;" Dr. Leanne Roberts, "The WebQuest Creation Process: A Case Study of Preservice Teachers Working Individualistically or Collaboratively and the Role of Supported Autonomy."
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