Bicycling trails designed for Glinodo web site by two Mercyhurst students

Two Mercyhurst College archaeology department graduates, Elizabeth Pettit and Nichole Wilson, have put their knowledge of history to work for the Glinodo Center, developing two bicycle trail maps as part of the center’s promotion of cycling as a way to get in touch with the Erie area.

The two students, who graduated on May 20 as part of the class of 2001, developed the site to promote the rich history of the Erie region. Located within the Glinodo Center web site, the bicycling trails section begins with an introduction to Erie County history, detailed directions for each trail, photos of sites included in the bicycling tour and maps.

“Our goal is to provide bike trails documenting the rich history of the City of Erie and Erie County,” wrote Pettit and Wilson as part of their project. “Many sites will be linked, geographically and historically, to make interactive, educational and FUN bicycle trips for groups of all ages.”

The bicycling trails will be designed in a general loop, stopping at historic sites along the way, with most trails including sidewalk riding with inner-city to suburban biking. Directions will include estimated times and estimated mileage, both overall and within each bike tour. In addition, these routes include convenient stops for eating, resting and using facilities.” 

Some stops included on the tours are the Erie Stone, the Wayne Blockhouse, the Land Lighthouse and the Maritime Museum.

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