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Instructor of ASN Nursing Program

Job Description

Conducts classroom and clinical laboratory instruction designed to teach nursing students theoretical and clinical aspects of promotion, maintenance and restoration of health to clients across the life span. In doing so, researches, prepares and presents lectures, assigns outside studies, and regularly assesses the student’s progress. Develops, assigns and evaluates clinical activities to assure practical application of nursing theory. Participates in curriculum development and fosters the mission of Mercyhurst University and the philosophy and goals of the nursing program.


Job Summary

1. Pennsylvania RN licensure
2. Master’s degree in Nursing
3. Graduate preparation and experience in specialty area required.
4. Minimum of three years teaching experience in a nursing program preferred. Or a minimum of progressively responsible nursing experience necessary to gain full knowledge of nursing theories, techniques, and applications, to be able to apply teaching theories and approaches to classroom and clinical laboratory settings.
5. Interpersonal skills necessary for an effective learning environment for students and associates within the program, University, affiliating agencies, and the community.
6. Certification in CPR and evidence of meeting the health guidelines required by affiliating agencies.

Skills And Responsibilities

1. Abide by the Faculty Duties and Responsibilities listed in the Mercyhurst North East Faculty Handbook, Section 3.0

2. In concert with the Director, prepares course outlines and curriculum content in assigned subject area.

3. Conduct appropriate research to ensure that course content and lectures incorporate current trends, techniques, and developments in nursing practice.

4. Demonstrate expertise in classroom presentations of theory and clinical laboratory activities. Guides, structures, and evaluates student performance in theory and clinical.

5. Maintains clinical expertise by attending at least one workshop related to area of expertise each year.         

6. Maintains currency in CPR.  

7. Meets regularly with students to review their progress. Develops strategies that increase the retention of qualified students within the program.

8. Maintains files and records on student classroom and clinical performance. Submits grades to the Director and, according to policy, to the registrar. 

9. Maintains positive communication with various departments within the University, affiliating agencies, and community by participating in committees and through volunteer work.                                                      

10. Meets weekly with teaching team to discuss the course progression, plan and coordinate clinical activities and discuss student progression.


How To Apply

Interested candidates can submit their materials to:

Brenda Snyder Director, Associate in Science in Nursing Degree Program
Mercyhurst University North East
16 Division Street North East, PA 16428


Mercyhurst University is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer that encourages members of diverse groups to apply.