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MIAC Live: Martha Graham Dance Company

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - 7:30pm
Mary D’Angelo Performing Arts Center

As the oldest and most celebrated modern dance company in America, the Martha Graham Dance Company created and still embodies a timeless and uniquely American style of dance that has influenced generations of artists and continues to captivate audiences worldwide. The pioneering choreographer and her dancers radically expanded dance’s vocabulary of movement, rooting it in social, psychological and sexual ideas and forever altering the scope of dance. The company will present a new work by Andonis Foniadakis that reflects on the myth of Narcissus and Echo. Rather than tell the classic myth, the dance will evoke its essence and explore its relevance to contemporary life.  The work will be presented in a program entitled Myth and Transformation, funded by the National Dance Project and commissioned specifically for this company.

Arrive early for a pre-performance conversation on the role of mythology in dance with Martha Graham Dance Company Artistic Director Janet Eilber and Mercyhurst Dance faculty.

Tickets are $35 or $40 for adults, $30 or $35 for seniors and $20 or $25 for students. For tickets, call 814-824-3000 or visit