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Director of Massage Therapy Certificate Program


The Director provides creative and effective leadership and is responsible for planning, organizing and directing the Massage Therapy Certificate Program.  In doing so, the Director develops the projected budget and oversees all the financial aspects of the program.  The Director considers and incorporates trends in the Massage Therapy and education fields, and confers with faculty and massage therapy professionals to coordinate students' classroom and clinical education.  The Director serves as a liaison between the College and any potential affiliating clinical agencies.  Oversees maintenance of required documentation and prepares various reports on the program activities for Administration and regulatory agency review.  Collaborates and participates in organizational activities.  The Director demonstrates effective teaching in the classroom and clinical instruction.


  1. Plans, organizes and controls the activities of the Massage Therapy program's academic and field experiences including curriculum, classroom and clinical experiences by collaborating with course faculty.
  2. Systematically directs the ongoing study, review, evaluation, and revision of all aspects of the Massage Therapy Program in accordance with the Pennsylvania State Board of Massage Therapy, accrediting bodies and current trends in the field.
  3. Practices responsible stewardship of human and financial resources in the planning and administration of the Massage Therapy Program's budget.  Reviews the operation and revenue budget and evaluates any variances.
  4. Abides by the Faculty Duties and Responsibilities noted in the Mercyhurst North East Faculty Handbook.
  5. Interviews, hires, orients, and oversees the development of faculty and staff.  Assigns course responsibilities, evaluates faculty and staff performance, and recommends salary increases to the Assistant Provost and develops work improvement plans, if necessary.
  6. Assures that necessary requirements and standards for the Massage Therapy Program and facilities, as determined by governmental, regulatory and accreditation agencies are met.
  7. Works in concert with the Admissions Department to ensure the recruitment of qualified students.  Works to increase awareness of the Massage Therapy Program within the community and regional areas.
  8. Monitors students' progress and makes decisions about promotion and graduation. Meets with students and interested parties as necessary to resolve problems and foster positive relationship.
  9. Develops and maintains cooperative working relationships within the university and with the affiliating agencies in order to gather and exchange information, develop and implement solutions to problems, and improve the academic program and clinical learning experiences.  Collaborates with the college bookstore representative and coordinates library requests.  Communicates with the Financial Aid Department regarding student needs.
  10. Participates in College committees.
  11. Prepares and submits a variety of special and recurring reports and statistics to inform Administration and appropriate outside agencies of the Massage Therapy Program’s performance.
  12. Maintains appropriate professional and community contacts.  This may include serving on various advisory boards, and local, state, or national committees to promote the university's mission and the image of the Massage Therapy Program.
  13. Develops knowledge of current trends in health care and massage therapy education by reading and attending related seminars and conferences.
  14. Demonstrates continuous improvement philosophy and tools to improve processes within the department and college by effective participation in committees of the Massage Therapy Program, college, and community.
  15. Demonstrates expertise in teaching within the massage therapy courses.


  1. Pennsylvania State Licensure for massage therapy
  2. Successful completion of the massage therapy certification examination.
  3. Diploma (minimum of an Associate Degree Preferred) in Massage Therapy or related field.
  4. Minimum three years of experience as a massage therapist
  5. Experience in education and administrative duties preferred.
  6. Interpersonal skills necessary for effective leadership of faculty and staff and for collaboration with the college, affiliating agencies and the community.
  7. Analytical skills necessary to develop sound budgets and policies and to evaluate all aspects of the massage therapy program.
  8. Commitment to excellence in teaching and ability to contribute to and support the growth of the MT program.

The above is intended to describe the general content of and requirements for the performance of the job. It is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement of duties, responsibilities, or requirements.

 CLASSIFICATION:           12 Month Faculty     

Qualified candidates can submit a resume or application to:


Mercyhurst University

Attn: Human Resources

501 E 38th St, Erie, PA 16546


Mercyhurst University is an Equal Opportunity Employer that encourages members of diverse groups to apply.