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Costs & Payment

The Mercyhurst Intensive English Program is considered a “great value”.  The total costs are as follows:

Summer Program

SUMMER PROGAM Cost for Summer
Tuition $2,750
Registration fee 65
Program fee 250
Room 750
Meals 1,284
Total Cost $5,099
ACADEMIC YEAR PROGRAM Cost per Session Cost per Year
(4 sessions)
Tuition $2,750 $11,000
Registration fee 65 260
Program fee 125 500
Room 1,700 6,800
Meals 1,284 5,136
Total Cost $5,924 $23,696

Students who enroll in Mercyhurst University coursewoork are billed on a per-course bassis.  These charges are in addition to the basic program costs.  Enrollment in an undergraduate course is $2,960 for traditional aged college students; for adult students (those over 21 years of age), the cost is $1,944 per course.  Enrollment in a graduate course is $1,914.


Mercyhurst University has a variety of payment options available, including credit cards and international wire transfer processing.  Pay for IEP Program charges online.