High Impact Experiential Learning at Mercyhurst

Experiential Learning is the process of making meaning from direct experience. Mercyhurst believes that student participation in experiential activities has a significant impact on their professional development and is consistent with the mission of the University. As a result, the HELM Program (High Impact Experiential Learning at Mercyhurst) was established to coordinate and offer students the opportunity to learn, serve, experience, and engage beyond the classroom.

Experiential Learning has been identified as a high impact practice of successful colleges/universities and has always been highly valued at Mercyhurst. Just as a helm steers a ship, HELM has been designed to afford Mercyhurst students the opportunity to steer their education in a direction that ensures success beyond our front gates.

Activities that are included in HELM can occur in association with and outside of coursework and are divided into six categories:

  • Work integrated learning (internships, student teaching, clinical work, practicums, field experience, etc.)
  • Faculty directed research (such as a senior thesis)
  • Service Learning (community service, service trips, etc.)
  • Study Abroad
  • Recognized Student Clubs and Organizations (RSCO’s)
  • Leadership (LCP, leadership in an RSCO, Laker Leaders, etc.)
Students who participate in at least four activities covering at least four of the six categories will be recognized each year by the University.

Want to join HELM? Contact us at cdc@mercyhurst.edu.