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Mercyhurst Annual Fund

The Mercyhurst Annual Fund is a critical component of the university budget; helping bridge the gap between tuition and operating expenses and the actual cost of educating students and maintaining the success of the institution. The Annual Fund has a substantial impact on our campuses and allows the university the maximum flexibility to fund the areas of greatest need each year.

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Gifts to the Mercyhurst Annual Fund can be made to one of seven priorities listed below :‚Äč

Each gift to the Mercyhurst Annual Fund makes a real difference to our students! Alumni participation in the Annual Fund not only helps offset various areas of the budget, but it also exhibits a vote of confidence in the school that allows us to pursue additional grants and funding from outside resources in order to stay competitive among our peer institutions. Click here to help us reach our goal of 20% participation!

Area of Greatest Need

Gifts to this priority allow Mercyhurst to use that gift where the need is greatest. Such gifts may be used to help fund additional faculty, new technology for classrooms, upgrading athletic equipment, or helping assist a student in need as they prepare to study abroad.

Academics and the Library

Our students rely upon the collection in the library and, increasingly, require access to a wide variety of electronic journals and periodicals. Gifts to this priority also allow Mercyhurst to keep on the cutting edge in terms of offering new and innovative academic programs, such as Public Health, which launched in 2011.

Arts and Culture

Not only the students, but the Mercyhurst and Erie communities enjoy the beautiful arts and culture available at Mercyhurst University. Gifts to this area assist in bringing innovative and enriching programs for our diverse audiences.


Gifts to this priority help support our 24 varsity athletic teams and nearly 1,000 student-athletes who work hard on the field and in the classroom to represent Mercyhurst on the regional, national, and global stage.

Catholic and Mercy Mission

At its core, Mercyhurst is an institution rooted in Catholic teachings and the Mercy tradition. Gifts to this priority help Mercyhurst promote and exemplify the foundation and traditions established by the Sisters of Mercy.

North East

Gifts to this priority help to strengthen our North East campus and the opportunities provided. The North East campus is a location for students to earn a certificate or degree as either the start of a bachelor's degree or to find immediate employment.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Over 95% of Mercyhurst students receive some sort of financial aid, and gifts to this priority help ensure that students can afford a Mercyhurst education.

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